House tenants guarantees

Ask a surety. If you own your property and have chosen not to sell house quickly, then do not hesitate to seek a surety. If you are a prospective tenant of a property investment , agree to play the game Claiming a surety is to ask someone (a friend or relative of the tenant) agrees to pay the rent in his place if failed. This is an important act and, as such, the form must be written in a uniform format. This is good for property owners who want to be in a position to buy my house.

No accumulation of the bond between a relative and an empty rental insurance. Now, for rent vacuum, the owner may claim that the tenant's family is doing surety whether it endorses, moreover, an insurance against unpaid rent (GLI) or risk guarantees rental (LRG). The owner is to choose, even if he has decided to say I will not sell my house fast for cash , but instead I will rent it.

Insurance unpaid rent. These assurances are to be subscribed before signing the contract but it is sometimes possible to cover during the lease if the tenant has proved a good payer since entering the premises. Cost: between 3 and 4% of annual rent and expenses.